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Nov. 21/99 - I'm finally out of being grounded! (don't ask why!) and I've tweaked some part of my site.

Nov. 15/99 - A new general has taken over this clan by defeating TheShockForce in a 1on1 winner take all match.

Nov. 4/99 - Uploaded new title images for the other pages, the ranks page, added more patch maps, and updated the members info page.

Nov. 3/99 - Just updated the members page (I'm kicking butt on & soon to put the rules of this clan on a page soon (rules won't be tight).

Nov. 1/99 - Uploaded the new and improved version of the title graphic, fixed up the downloads page, updated my info on the members page, I'll consider adding a Enemy list page of all the people who are not allowed in this clan and who will be under attack from us (from the game only!) and I'll add the links page tomorrow.

Oct. 31/99 - Uploaded the "How to Join" page, the Guestbook, and the "Members Info" page.

Oct. 30/99 - Just uploaded the site, added some maps and the Patch Loader. I guess I'll add the guestbook, links and Members Info page tomorrow. I hope I get some hits right now..

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